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We offer our services in the areas from the Niagara region, through Hamilton, the entire Halton area (Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Georgetown) as well as the Greater Toronto Area.


Your Child Requires The Experience We Offer

We are all experienced, qualified and professional educators. Our tutors are familiar with the learning disabilities and the curriculum. 


We are a full service education company, dedicated to help children with learning disabilities and their families.  We work to treat and rehabilitate learning issues so that our students can reach their goals and achieve what they are fully capable of obtaining.

We provide tutoring and support services to address all the issues that are holding your child back.

Since you are a huge part of your child's success, we offer programming for parents and families.


Carolyn has spent her entire career helping children with learning disabilities succeed. Carolyn received her Bachelors of Arts from McMaster University. Subsequently, she focused on Special Education at Trent University where she received her Bachelor of Education.


At a private school for children with unique learning needs and learning disabilities in Burlington, Ontario, Carolyn taught Grades 6-9. It was here that she developed a reading and writing program that the school adopted for all grade levels. 

Carolyn Boutin Tutoring started with just one family and grew through word of mouth. For 10 years Carolyn has been creating plans and helping students as the Head Tutor for her own company.


Currently, she leads her team of experienced teachers and designs plans that help children accomplish more than anticipated. By developing relationships with other professionals, teachers, and school boards, Carolyn is able to help her clients navigate the education system.

To email Carolyn directly: carolyn@carolynboutintutoring.com

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