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We offer our services in the areas from the Niagara region, through Hamilton, the entire Halton area (Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Georgetown) as well as the Greater Toronto Area.

Our Silver Birch Program involves:

  • Free In Home Consultation

  • Tutoring for Elementary Ages Students

  • Certified Teachers As Tutors

  • Programming Designed to Address and Current Learning Disabilities

  • Parental Support and Family Organization Programs

  • Communication with Your Child's Teacher/Special Education Teacher

  • Advocacy Support

  • IEP Revisions

  • Connections with the top paraprofessionals (psychologists, occupational therapist, slp).

Who Are Our Students?

Silver Birch students are bright children that are not performing up to their full potential. They struggle in school but desire to do more. Their confidence is at risk of being impacted by their grades or how their peers see them. Sometimes focus, attention, study skills and/or organization need improvement in order for them to be successful at school.